Short and Long Term Disability


The Value of Your Income

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably thought of key possessions as your biggest assets. You’ve insured your home, cars, perhaps some jewelry and other valuable “things” you feel should be protected against loss.

To protect your family, you may have purchased life insurance. If you die unexpectedly, you want your loved ones to be able to stay in the family home and feel financially secure.

But have you thought about the one thing that keeps all of this in place? It’s your income. If it suddenly stopped because you were injured or sick and couldn’t work, how would you meet these obligations, including your monthly living expenses?

What’s the risk?

The risk of having a disabling injury or illness during your working years may be greater than you think. According to the Council for Disability Awareness, one in three Americans entering the workforce today will experience a long-term disability prior to retirement. The average long-term disability claim duration is two and a half years.*

With so much depending on your monthly income, it’s important to consider the financial impact should this happen to you. Disability from an injury or illness can happen at any time.

Your income is your most valuable asset. It supports the lifestyle you and your family enjoy now and the financial goals you work hard to achieve. Disability income insurance is specifically designed to protect income. If you become disabled, disability income insurance pays monthly benefits that can help meet expenses to support your family during your recovery.

When selecting disability income insurance, there are many benefits and optional features to help you choose protection that meets your specific needs.

By deciding to have a policy in place now, you ensure that your family’s lifestyle, your assets and future financial goals have protection throughout your working years.