Dental & Vision

Dental Insurance

The Robin Harris Advisors PLLC offer a number of different dental insurance plans to help you and your family save money on the routine and specialty dental care and treatment needed throughout the year. Even if there’s nothing currently wrong with your teeth and gums, visiting a dentist regularly can help lead to early detection of serious diseases. From exams and x-rays to cleanings and crowns, we’ve got everyone covered with only the best dental insurance plans and carriers on the market that will save you money. Many of our dental insurance plans will even pay for a check-up immediately after a new plan is approved for coverage. Your dental insurance plan will include:


  • No waiting period for basic and preventative dental services
  • PPO Network
  • Plans for orthodontics and dentures are also available


Vision Insurance

Healthy vision is an important factor in overall health and wellness. Vision care is something all members of your family needs. Regular eye exams can detect early warning signs of more serious medical problems, like glaucoma, stroke, diabetes, and heart disease. Your vision insurance package will include:


  • Annual eye examination 
  • PPO Network
  • Frames, lenses and contact lens benefits

We understand the importance of having a provider who you can count on to deliver the care you and your loved ones need. Our top quality dental and vision plans provide you with access to a superior network of professionals.

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